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NUC Cards

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Execute missões impossíveis, conquiste cidades, faça aliados, monte a sua estratégia e conheça personagens incríveis... .


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A collection of incredible 999 cards.
There are many groupings for you to assemble your collection and play. From different sources, you have: warriors, heroes, magicians, gods, creatures, beings, etc. Register for free.

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Frank Frazetta
Frank FrazettaRainha Egípcia


Frank Frazetta

He was an American science fiction and fantasy illustrator, notable for his work with comics, book cover, paintings, posters, cover films, and other types of media.

Remarkable artist, for his imagination in shocking works. Arts with very particular details, colors and movements that have eternalized their work.

It was the inspiration of works and styles of many plastic artists of Art Fantasy.

Frank Frazetta: 1928 - 2010



Hercules Collection

The 12 Works of Hercules.
After murdering his wife and children in a time of insanity. he wanders through the streets of Greece, until one day he finds an oracle, which guides him.
To be redeemed from his guilt, he should do 12 tasks. And the list of such impossible tasks would be given by his cousin, king of Mycenae and Tiryns.

King Arthur Collection

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.
Arthur, after establishing peace in Britain, summoned honorable knights to establish his entourage.
And he desired a room where justice prevailed, and all were his equal. And, according to a legend, the question was solved.
The solution was found by a carpenter named Cornish, who designed a rounded flat.

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