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The 12 Works of Hercules.

After murdering his wife and children in a time of insanity. he wanders through the streets of Greece, until one day he finds an oracle, which guides him.
To be redeemed from his guilt, he should do 12 tasks. And the list of such impossible tasks would be given by his cousin, king of Mycenae and Tiryns.

  • Know your 12 deeds.

Hercules the Great Greek Hero


Hercules (Greek: Ηρακλής) is the Latin name given by the ancient Romans to the hero of Greek mythology Heracles, son of Zeus (Jupiter to the Romans) and the mortal Alcmena. Ancient Roman sources indicate that the "imported" Greek hero came to replace a former mythological shepherd named by the peoples of Italy of Recaranus or Garanus, and who is famous for his physical strength and bravery. While the myth of Hercules embodied much of the iconography and the very mythology of the Greek character, it also had some characteristics and legends that were markedly Roman.



Hercules was born of the union between Alcmene and Zeus. However, Zeus was married to Hera who for a long time showed antipathy to the bastard son.

So Hera tries to kill him with a snake even when she was little. However, still in the cradle and very fearless since childhood, the hero strangled the snakes. And still saved the life of his brother Íficles.

Later, Hercules married Megara, daughter of Creonte, and with her had several children.

They lived happily for a while. However Hera still dissatisfied with the life of her husband's bastard, decides to cast a spell on him.

It was so that during one day he went mad and ended up killing all his sons and his wife. During his madness he saw his sons and Megara as enemies in battle.

When he returns to sanity, the goddess Athena tells him what happened. Since then, Hercules has become a passer-by. He wanders through the streets of Greece, until one day he finds an oracle.

The oracle tells the hero that he would have to meet Eristeu, king of Mycenae and Tirynus, cousin of Hercules. Thus, in finding his cousin, he informs her that Hercules would have to perform "twelve jobs" so that his guilt would be redeemed.

After completing the work, Hercules was forced to marry Omphale, Queen of Lydia. This is because he was punished in Delphi for having killed his friend Ifitus.

After the event, he was sentenced to three years of slavery and, at that time, was sold by Mercury to Omphale.

When she was granted freedom, Hercules went to Dejanira, daughter of the king of Calidon. He had promised the Greek hero Meleagro, her brother, that he would marry his sister.

However, when he found her she was already betrothed to Aquelóo, son of the Ocean and of Tethys. Certain that he would keep his promise, Hercules fought against Aaron and won the fight. So he married Dejanira.

The Twelve Works of Hercules


For having murdered his wife and children, Hercules received twelve difficult tasks:

  1. Kill the terrible and monstrous lion of Nemean;
  2. Kill the hydra of Lemma, a giant serpent with several heads. They were reborn as soon as they were cut. For that, the middle head was immortal;
  3. Capture the beautiful golden horned doe of the goddess of the hunt, Diana, and take her to Eristeu. The doe was loose in the woods;
  4. Capture the monstrous and fierce boar of Erimanto and lead him to Eristeu;
  5. Clean the studios of Augias, the owner of an immense herd. This place had never been cleaned and therefore was filled with animal manure;
  6. To exterminate the deadly birds that ravaged Lake Sphinx. These birds were black and had wings, heads and beaks of iron. They inhabited a swamp full of thorns;
  7. To deliver to the daughter of Eristeu the belt and the veil of Hipólita, the queen of the Amazons. Mars, the god of war, offered Hippolyta these objects in recognition of his bravery in battle;
  8. Capture the four beautiful horses of Diomedes, son of Mars and king of Thrace, who set fire to the sales and fed on human flesh;
  9. Steal the blood-colored oxen from the giant three-body Geryon and deliver them to Eristeu;
  10. Taming the bloodthirsty beast and the fearsome Cretan bull;
  11. Give Eristeu the valuable golden apples of the Garden of the Hesperides. Beside this tree was an immense dragon, which kept the fruit;
  12. To reach the hell (kingdom of the shadows) and to bring to Eristeu the hellish dog of three heads, Cerberus. To accomplish this last task, Hercules had as guides the goddess Minerva and the god Mercury.




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