Water Dissipation

Powers - Matter

  Card 418

  • The Water Dissipation.

    The dissipation of water is the power over the matter of eliminating water from a physical space.

    * Fictional power created by and for NUC Cards.
    It is a knowledge of magic dominated originally by gods or great magicians. Knowledge registered in the scrolls of manipulation on matter.
    The manipulation of matter registers in its scrolls, many resources, such as: control over natural phenomena, telekinesis, abduction, immobilization, paralysis, etc...



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Water Dissipation

Powers - Matter

* Fictional power created by and for NUC Cards.

Magic that brings superiority to the magician in battle.

Momentary power, which lasts while a god or magician is acting in a battle.

It is a knowledge of magic dominated by gods or great magicians.

* But this magic is sustained by the dense magic of the book of the power of its masters or power of the gods, and can be destroyed or overcome like this:

  1. For superiority during battle in battle;
  2. By the breaking of the spell;
  3. By separating between power book and opposing magician,
  4. By mortal injury or death of the opposing god or wizard. (although gods can not be killed).






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