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Samurais - Ronins

 Card 422

  • The Ronins

    This ronin served the great daimyo Asano.

    The ronins are destitute samurais. Warriors dishonored, without daimyo, dispersed and without destiny.

    * These ronins seek a cause to follow, and when they follow the same cause, they can group together for the attack.


Battle Area:

  1. Water = 00
  2. Earth = 25
  3. Heaven = 00

Attack and Defense

  1. Wisdom = 00
  2. Dexterity and Strength = 30
  3. Powers = 00

  4. Fire = 00


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Samurais - Ronins 

Chíkara, now a ronin, but was once an honorable samurai of Akō's fief


Like his brother-in-arms, this ronin is waiting for the right time to unite to avenge his master's death.



The 47 Ronins

In 1701, Asano Naganori, of the fief of Akô, is in charge of important work ordered by the Xogun.

To perform this work, Asano is under the orders of an important official of the Xogun, Kira Kozukenosuke. It is rumored that something left Asano deeply offended by Kira, probably because Kira did not properly reward him for his services. Thus, Asano attacked Kira and injured him, but did not kill him because of the intervention of third parties.

According to the laws that governed the time, it was considered serious crime against the authority to draw the sword in imperial enclosure. Thus Asano receives from the Xogun a notification that he should practice harakiri, to pay for his crime. Without questioning anything else, the lord of Akô practices seppuku.

Faced with this situation, their vassals are disgusted. Initially, they did everything to make sure that Akō's fief was not confiscated, which usually happened in these cases, passing the clan head to Asano's younger brother.

Even so, the shogun ends up enacting the confiscation of the lands of Akô. With this, all the vassals of Asano become ronin (samurais without lord to serve, unemployed). A group of these samurai, exactly 47, vows to avenge their master.

At first they used the tactic of deceiving the enemy, doing everything to make them think they were not at all worried about the tragedy, and they wanted only to forget the affair and live in peace. Thus, they frequented assiduous brothels and participated in several "nights", watered with lots of sake.

The attack took place on December 14, 1702, a cold winter night. The 47 ronin invaded Kira's residence and dominated all of his guards, who had been caught by surprise. Kira had been hiding in vain in a coal deposit. Found is dead, and his head is carried triumphantly to the tomb of Asano, by his former vassals.

After revenge, the 47 ronin surrender to the shogun. They gain great public sympathy and approval, and even in the shogunate there are opinions favorable to the acquittal of these brave warriors, for vengeance, in these cases, is seen as a virtue by the samurai.

Nevertheless, he had violated fundamental laws of the regime designed to maintain peace and order. A few months later they are ordered to commit suicide. All 47 rounin practice without hesitation the seppuku.



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