Otís the Profane

Poderes - Necromagic

  Card 372

  • To be revived by magic.

    To be revived by the ancient knowledge of necromagy.

    The living dead blindly obedient to their masters. Moved always with the presence of a God or powerful magician.

    Very powerful and consistent magic

    * Power and fictional character created by and for NUC Cards.
    They are beings revived by gods or great magicians. recorded on the necromagnetic scrolls.

Battle Area:

  1. Water = 00
  2. Earth = 20
  3. Heaven = 00

Attack and Defense

  1. Wisdom = 00
  2. Dexterity and Strength = 30
  3. Powers = 05

  4. Fire = 00


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Otís the Profane

Powers - Necromagic

* Magic imagined by and for NUC Cards.

1 card of this power has range power over 1 dead, to have control over more dead is needed more cards of this power.

Beings created by very powerful gods or magicians.

* Necromagia is a knowledge of bringing life, who has already had life.

(the pure authentic creation was forgotten by the gods and completely inaccessible by the magicians)

The Necromagnetic Beings are blindly obedient to their creators and have great destructive power.

* But these beings are sustained by the dense magic of the book of their masters or power of the gods, and can be destroyed like this:

  1. For superiority during battle in battle;
  2. By the breaking of the spell;
  3. By separating between power book and opposing magician,
  4. By mortal injury or death of the opposing god or wizard. (although gods can not be killed).



* Poder e personagem fictício criado por e para NUC Cards.

Otis was a thriving thief who led a pack of looters. Although they stole everything they could, Otis preferred to plunder the temples of the gods, for temples were always silver and gold.

Thus he became rich and became known as Otis the profane.

His end came when he forced the removal of a beautiful emerald from the feet of a great statue of a monkey god wrapped in many cloths. When he was able to remove the emerald from the statue's feet, the statue began to fall toward him, and the emerald seemed to keep the statue standing. And he did not have time to get out of the front of the falling statue and without crushing him he hugged him to the ground, and the cloths of the statue were heaped on his face and the weight of the statue caused Otis to suffocate before they could remove the statue above him, for it was exceedingly heavy.

Followers and non-followers believed that the monkey god would have given him an end.




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