Allied - Mercenaries - Tamers

  Card 296

Cost per mission = 20 gold coins.

Battle Area:

  1. Water = 00
  2. Earth = 10
  3. Heaven = 25

Attack and Defense

  1. Wisdom = 05
  2. Dexterity and Strength = 30
  3. Powers = 05

  4. Fire = 35



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Allied - Mercenaries - Tamers

Mercenaries are a very strategic option as unexpected allies in battles

Mercenaries have a cost that may be worth to define the success of the missions.

Note that if such mercenaries are your allies, you can negotiate with other leaders, their services ...



* Fictional power created by and for NUC Cards.

Tanatus was an invincible and strong mercenary who sought greater challenges. And on learning that there was a dragon that terrorized a village to the south. And decided to hunt him to establish his own glory.

When it finally found its dragon, it was surrounded by twelve tribals and with the fangs tied and its wings fastened by chains. The tribals tried to hit his heart and missed, but the dragon, though wounded, struggled too hard trying to break free.

Tanatus was wroth, for these tribes were robbing his glory. And he cast himself upon them, and beside the dragon, slaying them all by skill or might. Only one tribal managed to escape alive.

When it was finished, only he and the dragon remained, and did not want to attack the beast, for it was still and looked very wounded. And there would be no glory in it.

Tanatus removed his bonds and withdrew, leaving the beast alive.

The tribal, who escaped, warned his leader and the other warriors of his tribe of what had happened.

With this information in hand, sixty men emerged on his trail and caught up with him at noon.

Now Tanatus knew that with all his might he could not outlast sixty armed men.

But he swerved from spears, leaped, struck down some savages while he was wounded ...

At the same time as this happened, the sky darkened and a terrible beast descended from it spitting fire on the tribes.

Now Tanatus was unconscious and only the dragon and he remained alive.

The dragon remained there protecting Tanatus. And when Tanatus woke up, he knew that dragon was his. And he called it the sentry.

Well, one has conquered the other and have been acting together ever since.






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