Gods - Valkyries 

Card 058

Battle Area:

  1. Water = 00
  2. Earth = 10
  3. Heaven = 30

Attack and Defense

  1. Wisdom = 30
  2. Dexterity and Strength = 40
  3. Powers = 30

  4. Fire = 10



NUC Cards is a board game. With trays representing the opponents' lands and the battlefield.
The characters exist timelessly. In one era, historical, mythological and literary characters meet in this game.
An epic oxygen game of great kings, notable warriors, heroes and anti-heroes, mighty magicians and gods between creatures and beings ...
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Gods - Valkyries


Brunilda or Brunilde (in Norse: Brynhildr), in Norse mythology, is a Valkyrie, one of the main characters of the Saga of the Volsungens and parts of the poetic Edda.

Named Brünnhilde or Brünnhild she appears in the Song of the Nibelungs (or of the Nibelungenlied in the original in German) and in the operatic cycle of the Ring of the Nibelung, of Richard Wagner. In The Ballad of Sigrdrífa she is known as Sigrdrífa ("victory-stimulator"), where she teaches the hero the rune of victory. His name is spelled in several forms: Brünhild, Brunhild, Brunhilda, Brunhilde, Brunhilde, Brunhilde, Brünnhilde, Brynhild, Brynhilt, Bruennhilde, and Brunahild. Possibly the inspiration for this character came from the historic Princess Brunhilda of Austria, who married the Merovingian king Sigebert I in 567.



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