Gods - Egyptian Mythology

 Card 004

Battle Area:

  1. Water = 10
  2. Earth = 40
  3. Heaven = 30

Attack and Defense

  1. Wisdom = 30
  2. Dexterity and Strength = 20
  3. Powers = 40

  4. Fire = 50



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Gods - Egyptian Mythology

Known as "The Mighty One", Sekhmet is the goddess of revenge and medicine for the ancient Egyptians and the war.

Her image is a woman covered by a veil and lion's head or for contemporaries a beautiful woman with a mask-helmet in black and bright red. Very feared in Ancient Egypt, being the symbol of the punishment of Ra.


The legend

It is said that Rah became weary of the sins of men then created the goddess to punish those who were to be punished. However Sekhmet had no control taking liking for the corrupt blood was beyond planned by Ra. Desperate, Ra's followers asked for help from God and, in order to solve the situation, the god of fortune caused the taming to Sekmeth.

The Egyptians had the idea of ​​making a drink of blood color and drunk the goddess. Thus she fell asleep and can be gathered by Ra.


Its mission is to protect the god Rá and the pharaoh that symbolize the people of fair character, this also indicates that Sekmeth will always be looking for the governing rulers for the good of all.

Once Ra ordered Sekhmet to punish mankind for his disobedience. The goddess performed the task with such fury that the god Ra needed to be drunk with wine, by the likeness of its color with blood, so that it did not end up exterminating the whole human race.


Represented by a woman with a lioness head.


  • Cure;
  • Force.


Her husband was Ptah and her son Nefertem.



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