Great Arch 

Weapons - Human

  Card 333

Value = 12 gold coins.

 Battle Area:

  1. Water = 15
  2. Earth = 15
  3. Heaven = 15

Attack and Defense

  1. Wisdom = 05
  2. Dexterity and Strength = 15
  3. Powers = 00

  4. Fire = 10


NUC Cards is a board game. With trays representing the opponents' lands and the battlefield.
The characters exist timelessly. In one era, historical, mythological and literary characters meet in this game.
An epic oxygen game of great kings, notable warriors, heroes and anti-heroes, mighty magicians and gods between creatures and beings ...
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Great Arch 

Weapons - Human

Ulysses appeared in his palace under the features and disguise of an old beggar. Telemachus was the first to be discovered by his father, and with him he agreed to dispose of his enemies. At the door of the palace he was recognized by his dog Argos, whom he had left when he left for Troy, and who died of joy at the sight of his master.

He was also recognized by Euryclaea, his old mistress, who, when washing his feet, perceived a wound on his leg, formerly made by a boar.

Penelope tells him that he can no longer be frustrated by the pursuit of the suitors, and that he has promised to marry the one who can distract the bow of Ulysses.

Everyone, in fact, had accepted the Queen's proposal, but in vain tried to distract the bow. Ulysses, after all, apologizes to try his strength; he throws the bow very easily, and immediately throws at the suitors, whom he kills one by one, aided by his son and by two faithful servants.

Definitely recognized by Penelope, tranquility reigned on his island until Telégono, who had had his love with Circe, killed him without knowing him. His old father, Laertes, before dying, had the consolation of seeing him back.

The memory of Ulysses was consecrated by a great number of monuments, of low reliefs, of medals and of cameos; is easily recognized by the pointed cap they ordinarily give him.

It is said that it was the Greek painter Nicomachus who first painted it with that cap. Ulysses is often represented in the company of Minerva.


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