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Greek hero, Odysseus was king of Ithaca and son of Laerte and Anticleia. His father was the only child of Arcesius and his mother was the daughter of Autolycus, a famous thief.

Odysseus, after conquering Troy (a war that lasted 10 years), returns on a journey to his homeland, where he reigns, an odyssey of over 10 years.

When Tyndarus saw that there were several suitors for his daughter Helena, Odysseus suggested that all suitors swear to defend the chosen one from any harm that was done to him; only then did Tyndarus choose Menelaus to marry Helen, and he had Icarius, his brother, marry Icarius' daughter Penelope to Odysseus. Hence the friendship existing between Menelaus, his brother Agamemnon and Odysseus.

From the union with Penelope was born Telemachus, his dear son, from whom he had to leave very early to fight alongside other Greek nobles in Troy. He was one of the most active elements in the siege of Troy, in which he stood out mainly for his prudence and cunning.

During the Trojan War, the Greeks won many battles on the advice of Odysseus, who was himself a great warrior, despite his short stature (some legends even said he was a dwarf). He tried to convince Achilles to cease his wrath against Agamemnon, alongside Ajax, son of Thelamus and Phoenix, son of Amintor, but without success.

One of his most famous ruses was to help build a wooden horse, which allowed Greek armies to enter the city. In fact, the strategy was yours.

After the defeat of the Trojans, he embarked on a ten-year journey back to Ithaca where his wife awaits him with stubborn fidelity despite the delay. This trip led to the creation by Homer of the epic poem Odyssey, in which the adventures and misadventures of Odysseus and his crew since leaving Troy are narrated, some caused by them and others due to the intervention of the gods.


Área de Batalha:

  1. Water = 25
  2. Earth = 10
  3. Sky = 00

Ataque e Defesa

  1. Wisdon = 40
  2. Dexterity and Strength = 25
  3. Powers = 00

  4. Fire = 10



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