Weapons - Human

  Card 014

Value = 10 gold coins.

 Battle Area:

  1. Water = 10
  2. Earth = 15
  3. Heaven = 15

Attack and Defense

  1. Wisdom = 00
  2. Dexterity and Strength = 10
  3. Powers = 00

  4. Fire = 05


NUC Cards is a board game. With trays representing the opponents' lands and the battlefield.
The characters exist timelessly. In one era, historical, mythological and literary characters meet in this game.
An epic oxygen game of great kings, notable warriors, heroes and anti-heroes, mighty magicians and gods between creatures and beings ...
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Weapons - Human

Beowulf's sword, a hero of the Gautas tribe, who with his exceptional strength and bravery frees the Danes from the threat of two terrible diabolical monsters.

Beowulf listens to the misadventures that afflict King Hrothgar's court in Denmark, where he travels with his small group of warriors, where he is received by the king in Heorot, the grand court hall.

As soon as he arrives, Beowulf offers to free Hrothgar and his people from the attacks of Grendel, a monstrous creature, the true symbol of the incarnate evil, able to devour whole men. The hero wins and kills Grendel in a duel, using only his hands as a weapon. Soon, the mother of Grendel, another monstrous creature, comes to avenge the death of the son with new carnage.

Beowulf follows his trail to an underwater cave, located on a lake inhabited by aquatic monsters, where he fights and wins with a sword drawn from Grendel's own mother's armory, which was created to kill giants. By this done, King Hrothgar presents Beowul with the sword Nægling.


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