Creatures - Greek Mythology


 Card 071

Battle Area:

  1. Water = 30
  2. Earth = 10
  3. Heaven = 00

Attack and Defense

  1. Wisdom = 05
  2. Dexterity and Strength = 40
  3. Powers = 10

  4. Fire = 00



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Creatures - Greek Mythology 


Cíla - a character created by NUC Cards. 

Cila (in Greek: Σκύλλα, transl .: Skýlla), in Greek mythology, according to Homer and Ovid, was a beautiful nymph that turned into a sea monster.




Cila, a nymph of splendid beauty, inspired a violent love for Glaucus, who enjoys the storms and enjoys the blue waves. Half a man, half a fish, having no idea of ​​its ugliness or its deformity, this sea-god uselessly took heaven, earth, and sea as witnesses to the sincerity of his heart; the nymph was insensible to her oaths and transports. He turned to Circe.

The magic that loved Glauco to the point of being jealous made him perfidious promises. He prepared a poison that he shot at the fountain where the nymph used to bathe. Only Cila entered the spring, and was immediately changed into a monster that had six claws, six gullets, and six heads; a pack of dogs came out of his body around his waist, and his continuous howls made the passers-by a horror.

Cila herself, horrified by her monstrous form, threw herself into the sea near the rocks and rocks in the Strait of Sidiia, which were named after her.

Cila has a terrible voice, and her hideous cries look like the lion's roar; is a monster whose appearance would make a god shudder. When he sees the ships pass in the strait, he advances out of his den and draws them to devour; it was thus that he took vengeance on Circe, causing the wrecks of Ulysses, his mistress, to sink.

Caribdes, daughter of Neptune and Earth, having stolen the herds of Hercules, was struck by Jupiter and changed into a dangerous abyss that is in the Strait of Siciia, opposite Cila's den. Homer supposes that this abyss devours the waves three times a day, and three times vomits them with horrible roars.





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