Gods - Celtic Mythology


Card 084

Battle Area:

  1. Water = 05
  2. Earth = 40
  3. Heaven = 10

Attack and Defense

  1. Wisdom = 30
  2. Dexterity and Strength =50
  3. Powers = 30

  4. Fire = 40








Gods - Celtic Mythology


Crom is a deity created by American author Robert E. Howard. Most have been published in the work of his character Conan, the Cimmerian, and "adored", is presumed, by the majority of the people of Ciméria (its native land). Its name is probably derived from ancient Celtic divinity Crom Cruach, and the Cimmerians are as pre-Celtic on the historic island of Howard's Hiboriana.



Crom is a cruel, somber and relentless god, always looking down from his mountain of mists and dark clouds, ready for the juap passage of disapproval at all. However, information about the quality of life, the language of man, and the last one is also shown. This is the only member of the Cimmerian pavilion called with some regularity, although there is outind Celtic deity, Manannán mac Lir, which is an example for Conan in a story. (The Shadow in the Palace of Death) Howard's tale of 1933.

Set followers Stygios placate their deity with human sacrifice and actively worship serpents, while the worshipers of Derketa follow the pleasures of the flesh in Vendhya, the followers of Asura seek the truth beyond the illusions of the physical world, and the Hyborian devotees of Mitra are almost Judeo-Christian in their fusion of asceticism with the commitment of compassion and justice. On the other hand, we observe Conan in a conversation stating that it is best to avoid doing anything that catches Crom's attention, for as a god, he brings down only trouble and condemnation. As a result, he is not as adored in Howard's works as invoked in curses and swearing (for example, Conan exclaims things like "Crom and his demons"), or when trying to muster up the courage. This does not imply, however, that he never does anything, good or bad, for mortals; it is said that his unique gift to men is to confer them at birth with the courage to survive, endure, and overcome adversity.

Crom is never described by intervening directly, or explicitly causing any event to occur in Conan's original stories, by Robert E. Howard. In fact, there is little consistent evidence in his works that Crom, or any other deity, actually exists, on the contrary, since the existence of highly advanced demons and aliens is confirmed (as in the stories "The God in the Bowl" and " elephant "), while the story" The Phoenix in the Sword "implies that Set is one of those cited by HP Lovecraft's Great Ones.
Howard's Story "Black Colossus", however, has a vocal princess led by Mitra, who wants to make Conan his champion. Crom does not make such apparitions.



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