Creatures - Greek Mythology


 Card 074

Battle Area:

  1. Water = 00
  2. Earth = 25
  3. Heaven = 00

Attack and Defense

  1. Wisdom = 05
  2. Dexterity and Strength = 45
  3. Powers = 15

  4. Fire = 25



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Creatures - Greek Mythology 


Cerberus (in ancient Greek: Κέρβερος, transl .: Kerberos - trad .: "Demon well"; Latin: Cerberus), in Greek mythology, was a monstrous three-headed dog that guarded the underworld entrance, the underground kingdom of the dead, letting the souls enter, but never leaving and shattering the mortals who ventured there.

Cerberus was the son of Typhon and Equidna, brother of Ortros and the Hydra of Lerna. From his union with Chimera, the Nemean Lion and the Sphinx were born.




Cerberus was a dog with several heads, one does not have a certain number, but most of the time it is described as a tricephal (three heads). Its tail is also not always described in the same way, sometimes as a dragon, as a snake or even a dog. Sometimes along with his head snake serpents are found of fire coming out of his neck, and even his trunk.

As for life after death, the Greeks believed that the underworld was the realm of Hades, god of the underworld, Persephone side of the (spring goddess, daughter of Zeus and Demeter). Hades was Zeus's brother. It was located underground, surrounded by rivers, which could only be crossed by the dead. The dead retained the human form, but they had no body, could not be touched. The dead wandered around Hades, but also appeared at the burial site. There were careful burial rituals, and the dead were worshiped, especially by the families in their homes. When the men died, they were transported in Charon's boat to the other side of Acheron, where the entrance to the kingdom of Hades was situated. The access was through a diamond door next to which Cerberus stood guard.

To calm the fury of Cerberus, the dead who lived in the underworld played him a flour cake and honey that their loved ones had left the tomb.

His name, Cerberus, comes from the word Kroboros, which means meat eater. Cerberus ate people. An example of this in mythology is Pyrithus, who by attempting to seduce Persephone, the wife of Hades and daughter of Demeter, goddess of Earth fertility, was delivered to the dog. As punishment Cerberus ate the body of the damned.

Cerberus, when sleeping, has his eyes open, but when he is with his eyes closed, he is awake.





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