Gods - Egyptian Mythology

  Card 303


Battle Area:

  1. Water = 00
  2. Earth = 50
  3. Heaven = 00

Attack and Defense

  1. Wisdom = 05
  2. Dexterity and Strength = 50
  3. Powers = 40

  4. Fire = 10



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Gods - Egyptian Mythology

Anubis, also called Anupo, is the Egyptian god protector, guardian and guide of the dead. In Egyptian mythology, he assists the dead in the encounter with Osiris.

For this, it is associated with the eye of Horus and also appointed as the god of funerary rites, as the process of mummification of the pharaohs.

Note that in Greek mythology, Anubis is associated with Hermes, the messenger of the gods.

Representation of Anubis

Represented with the jackal's head and man's body, the cult of Anubis would have begun between the years 3100 BCE and 2686 BCE at the time of the first dynasty of Egypt. In the right hand he holds a scepter and on the left the key that represents life and death. In addition, Anubis has as a symbol the whip he carries next to his body.

This representation would be explained because at that moment of history, the dead were buried in shallow graves. Thus, to prevent the action of looters, dogs and jackals were used as protectors.


Some myths indicate that Anubis was the son of Osiris with Nephthys and was god of the underworld. The post was later taken over by Osiris, and Anubis, in respect to his father, did not return to him again.

It would be up to Anubis to organize funeral rites. The first to be submitted was Osiris, whose corpse was embalmed for preservation, after being assassinated by Set.

In this version, Osiris joined with his sister Nephthys and with it had a son: Anubis. Jealous of the quantity of lands that Osiris ruled in Egypt, his brother Set decides to kill him.

However, his other sister-wife, Isis, resuscitates him and with the help of Nephthys and Anubis embalm the body of Osiris. After being resurrected by Isis, Osiris begins to live in the underworld. There he is charged with weighing the hearts of the dead and deciding their fate.

Anubis, for his part, was in charge of preparing the ritual of death and embalming the bodies. In addition, he was responsible for guiding the souls of the dead. He had some priests who helped him embalm the bodies. In these rituals his assistants wore jackals' masks.

After mummified, the heart of the dead was delivered to Anubis, and just as his father, he weighed each one.

Legend has it that in this process he used the so-called "pen of truth". If the organ was heavier than the object, it was taken to be devoured by Ammit, the lion god. That's because this heart heavier than the feather was full of evil.

If his heart was lighter, he was certainly full of kindness. He was therefore led by Anubis to the world beyond, where his father, Osiris, ruled.

Anubis married the funeral goddess, Anput, and with her had a daughter Kebechet, associated with the liquid used to embalm the bodies.



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