Navigators - Human

 Card 494

Battle Area:

  1. Water = 00
  2. Earth = 20
  3. Sky = 00

Attack and Defense:

  1. Wisdom = 20
  2. Dexterity and Strength = 35
  3. Powers = 00

  4. Fire = 00


NUC Cards is a table game. With boards that represent the opponents' lands and the battlefield.
The characters exist timelessly. In the same era, historical, mythological and literary characters meet in this game.
An epic oxygen game of great kings, notable warriors, heroes and anti-heroes, powerful wizards and Gods among beings and creatures ...
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 The Nargonauts

The Argonauts were the sailors who, in Greek mythology, accompanied the hero Jason on his journey to Colchis (where Georgia is today) to rescue the Golden Fleece. The story is part of the Greek myth Jason and the Argonauts, and they were so named because the ship they embarked on for this adventure was built by Argos, one of the heroes of the story. The myth arrived in its most complete form in the work Argináutica, by Apolônio de Rhodes, written in the 3rd century BC




Hector (in classical Greek: Ἕκτωρ; romaniz .: Hektōr) was, in Greek mythology, prince of Troy and one of the greatest warriors in the Troy War, supplanted only by Achilles. He was the son of Priam and Hecuba and brother of Paris. With Andrómaca, he was father of Astíanax. For being head of Trojan troops in the war, he was considered as de facto king of the city, while his father was only de jure.




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